Investigation The Implementation Of Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tools In Cosmetics Products (Palkarm Company Case Study)

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Estatiteh, Saja
Shakshier, Lina
Ashour, Raghad
Abu Safieh, Mufeeda
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Quality control is a process that is designed within a company to ensure that the products or services offered by this company adhere to a predefined set of quality criteria. This process includes a set of procedures and actions necessary to verify and control the quality level of these products or services. The primary goal of quality control is to meet the customer’s requirements. Quality control is considered a very important issue in the cosmetics industry to ensure the efficacy and safety of products and its raw materials. Since most of its products touch the customer’s skin directly. This project addresses the implementation of this process in Palkarm Cosmetics Company that produces a various products of cosmetics. The project appoints the statistical process control (SPC) as a method of monitoring, controlling, and improving the manufacturing process by using statistical control charts as a tool to monitor the variations in the process, in addition to the other SPC tools (Pareto chart, cause and effect diagram, histogram, check sheets, scatter diagram, stratification).However, we have encountered some problems relating to the inaccuracy of the recorded data that have prevented implementing some of the SPC tools described above. As a result, we have tried to overcome this problem by designing work procedures according to the Palestinian standards for each product, representing detailed steps for each manufacturing process, including a description for all tests and inspection points to guarantee that data is being accurately allocated and recorded. In addition, we have attached a modified version of the forms with the work procedures to improve the method of data recording. Also, we were able to design a fishbone diagram, check sheets and an out-of-control action plan that helps in determining the points where defects or assignable causes occur, in addition detecting the root causes and overcoming them.