Transportation Management Plan for the Eastern Entrance of Tulkarm City

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Fuad Tanni
Mohammed Jallad
Abd AL-Rahman Khuder
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The eastern entrance is one of the main entrances to the Tulkarm city, from the majority of the surrounding governorates. The importance of this portal is to be the main source of economic, commercial, and industrial progress of the city of Tulkarm, where most of the traders and goods enter. This area experiences a heavy traffic volume throughout the year with several transportation problems (geometric, traffic, and pavement) that the project will work to find the appropriate solutions and apply these solutions as much as possible. The objectives of this study are to: 1- Evaluate the traffic, geometric, and the pavement of the streets within the Study Area 2- Identify problems in the street based on design specifications and standards. 3- Develop appropriate solutions to these problems and try to apply them. The methodology that we applied included data collection in the Study Area through the field survey, and from government institutions sources and previous data. These data then were analyzed and compared to the design specification and standards such as the knowledge of the level of service of the traffic conditions, and the geometric and pavement conditions we be evaluated based on AASHTO .This be followed by the consideration of non-conforming conditions, and the development of appropriate solutions and attempts to implement them through the municipality. After considering these data, it is expected that the Study Area will need to improve its traffic conditions such as traffic signals, traffic control devices, etc., improve geometric conditions, and improve the conditions of the pavement by redesigning the street layers. The final output of the project is a transportation management plan for the Study Area.