Planning for an agricultural college

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Adawi, Khuloud
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An agricultural college is a college of further education where students learn farming skills (Definition of agricultural college from the Collins English Dictionary). So the main goal of this project is making a planning proposal for agricultural college. First, I provide a general view of agricultural education and agricultural colleges and found the location criteria for the agricultural college site . I take these criteria and depend on them when I plan the site. Then , I make the diagnosis and analysis phase and make it in a three levels (scales) Regional ,local and site level , after them I zoom in on the site and analyze it from several objects like slope, soil, sun and wind direction Then the project concept is integration with nature so I formed the layout of project to proportionate with the concept then I develop the concept to output the college street layout and the blocks and land use layout then determine the relationships between college zones and the services distribution between them. The zones contain main buildings and some basic land scape details. Finally, I make the final master plan in chapter 5 that contain street and blocks layout ,building, colleges distribution and some landscape details.