Body Design

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Abd Al-Aziz, Walaa
Abu Baker, Zaina
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Body Design is an application about human diets. This system acts in a similar way as that of a dietician. A person in order to know his/her diet plan needs to give some information to the dietician such as its body type, weight, height and working hour details. Similar way this system also provides the diet plan according to the information entered by the user. Thus the user does not need to visit any dietician which also saves time and the user can get the required diet plan in just a click. The system will give more accurate results as it accepts the data entered by the user and processes it depending on some metrics already known to the application on the basis of which a diet plan is generated and ask the user if the user accepts the diet plan. If not accepted the system may also give and alternative diet plan. Moreover, if the user wants to make his own diet plan, he can use the calorie tracker feature that allows him to enter anything he eats and it had to be within the calories range that is allowed for him. In addition, the application can give you exercises that helps maintaining a good shape. The application will be for Android devices using Java language.