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Hussien, Sherin
Farah, Daher
Shawareb, Duha
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Many factories still use manual methods to include and process information related to production lines and workers' information in manual and primitive ways, and do not use modern technological methods. The main idea of this project is to create a comprehensive website and mobile application for "Al-Hijaz Factory" for chocolate production in Tulkarm city. This project facilitates processing the employees' data and the details related to them, in addition facilitating ordering processes between customers and producer and surely creating the receipt of such orders. The mobile application is only used Arabic language, this application can be used by the Admin of the factory, production engineering, stores manages, drivers and other people like customers. Admin Panel consists of production line, stores managing and employees’ information, so the admin can add any new order to production line, received notifications new job applications and complaints from other Non-staff people. The second part of application is for stores’ manager, there he can add, retrieve or delete from three stores (row material store, unpacked chocolate store and packed chocolate store) , he also should keep monitoring the quantities in stores, to ensure that all quantities are more than the safe quantity. The other part of application is for drivers, there the driver can know where every order should be delivered, he can use “google map” to get the locations . The last part for Non-staff , there they can send complaints to Admin , apply a job application to work in the factory and show factory products album. On the website the employees can fill all the reports, instruments and forms are necessary for complete the production process . The application works on the organization and planning of the production process and focuses on studying the sequence and time of each stage of production, quality, packaging, raw materials and stores. Thus, the process of controlling the flow of production will be easier and faster. This app will support Android OS, IOS and windows phone OS, in addition to the website. These features will be implemented using Ionic 3 platform with angular 4, the database will be a real-time firebase database in order to ease up the communication phase in the application using notifications, authentication and any other tool that could help to accomplish a special user experience.