Evaluation of the water runoff and culvert structures at Wadi AL-Teen in Tulkarm district

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Ahmad Amjad Rashid
Amr Barqawi
Mohammed Bayan Ali
Yazan Abu-Haniya
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Water and environmental engineering is very important , it resolve many problems in the world such as; transport the water to our homes by water distribution network , and disposal the waste water in a good condition by a sewer system and dealing with the rainfall and flooding by a good process to avoid any disaster from it . In this project , the problem concern with the runoff of the water in the Wadi AL-Teen and their culverts and the adjacent roads that have a bad storm system will study , analyze and design . Wadi Al-Teen is a large valley located 5 kilometers southeast of Tulkarm city and 4.5 kilometers to the east of the Green Line which separates the West Bank from Israel The valley is characterized by a rocky surface and sharp slopes, with various locations planted with orchard and olive trees. Wadi Al-Teen represents an important natural grazing area which supports many livestock farmers in neighboring Palestinian villages. It also serves as the main catchment area for runoff rainwater. This runoff rainwater feeds large agricultural areas located at the flat end of the valley near Tulkarm city ,The size of Wadi Al-Teen catchment area is estimated at 80 km2 and collects a minimum of 18 million cubic meters of water per year, a major source for water for agricultural production in the area. 2) Objectives: The following objectives will be achieved in this project: a) Determine the amount of water and runoff in the Wadi AL-Teen . b) Analyze the existing culverts and redesign a new one if needed . c) Design a storm system for the adjacent road. d) Calculate the cost of storm network .