Automated Sample Preparation System

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Jenan Abualrub
Yaqout Salameh
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Analytical chemistry occupies a crucial role in the medical field for being the deterministic criteria in diagnosis. It primarily relies on performing chemical laboratory tests on patients’ samples , which are widely done manually and vulnerable to errors . In light of these challenges , the development of an automated sample preparation system (ASPS) provides a viable alternative to overcome the flaws of the manual process. The ASPS eliminates the need for manual intervention from the la boratory technician, as a needle would move automatically towards the samples and the reagents based on the selected test. The needle would then sense the substance and precisely dispense the required amount for the test in the reaction cup . Simultaneously , a syringe would help draw ing in and expelling the substances. Throughout the test, the needle is cleaned to prevent any contamination. Additionally , the laboratory technician has the ability to schedule up to 4 tests, which the system would perform seque ntially . The ASPS was developed using Arduino mega, motors, and a sensing circuit built upon capacitance manipulation.