Integrated Design of Basic School

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Elyyan, Saleh
Taha, Fareed
Ibraheem, Omar
Al-alawneh, Said
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In this project, an integrated design will be created for a school that keeps up with the development of the age and meets the basic educational needs as well as extracurricular activities and functions. Due to the lack of modern teaching methods and the lack of adequate schools that provide a good learning environment and recreational activities, it was necessary to think about a different design that away from the traditional patterns of schools. This design includes environmentally friendly systems that utilize the natural energy sources, such as rainwater utilization, the use of solar cells used to exploit solar energy. The goal will be achieved by taking a case study, which is qabatya basic school located in Jenin city and make an analytical study, including analysis of the general site, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems used by searching in literature review to ensure if these designs are sufficient and according to specifications or not. Now, the new school has a special touch both in the design of the building or in the activities and other functions provided by school for the community by taking feedback from the case study while taking into consideration the requirements and standards required for the design.