Single Phase Active Power Filter Using H-Bridge

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Daraghmeh, Aysar
Daraghmeh, Osama
Kharouf, Diya
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The ever-increasing reliance of electronic devices that utilize AC power has increased the amount of harmonics that pollute the distribution systems. These harmonics will increase losses, cause male-function of protection and interfere with Telecommunications. And hence there is a need for an inexpensive and reliable way to actively filter out harmonics from an AC power line. In this project an active filter will be used to filter out harmonics . By applying a proper control to the H-Bridge, it can generate the harmonic needed by the non-linear load making the AC source current pure sinusoidal. The first part of the project will be to simulate Active filter in MTALB SIMULINK. And the second part will include building the H-Bridge and its gate drives and to control this H-Bridge using MATLAB Simulink and Arduino Controller.