Reanalysis and Design of Bissan Air Condition Factory

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Dwaikat, Osama
Bsharat, Osama
Kittaneh, Waseem
Hanaysheh, Salah
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Bissan air condition factory is specialized in manufacture new air condition. This building is located along Nablus–Tulkarm Street. The total area of project is 2900 m2distributed for two stories including the factory itself and offices in addition to the basement. This project will do focus on the structural analysis and design of Bissan Air factory under several types of loading, mainly static and dynamic loads. All structural elements are designed as reinforced concrete or steel members depending on the function and location of each element. Slabs, beams and columns are designed in this project in addition to the footings. The design is conducted manually and using available commercial software as SAP2000 to make two models steel and concrete. Standards are addressed to conduct the design as ACI-318, AISC, IBC, ASCE and other codes. Finally, full detailed design drawings are submitted parallel with the final report of this project.