Re-evaluation Performance And Integrated Design For a Commercial Building

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Jarrar, Afeef
Bouzia, Hammam
Aysar Sholi, Mohammad
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In this project, a commercial and office building had been chosen in Rafidia Neighborhood-Nablus in Palestine, for redesign and improvement, and it has been chosen due to many reasons, such as its popularity. Data for standards and requirements were collected for the same type of function of this building in the architecture field, then comparisons and modifications were made to ensure that the building meets the requirements. Then an environmental analysis for the building and the site were performed to obtain information that helped to understand the need for the building, there were some modifications to solve some environmental issues, then a comparison between the before modification and after to highlight the improvements that have been done on the facility. In the Electro-mechanic’s field, there were new topics added to be designed in the building, and they were depending on the results extracted from modeling of the building, either in lighting aspect, thermal aspect of the acoustical aspect, and the covered topics were the Artificial lighting, HVAC system, Power design, Water Design, Drainage Design, Fire alarm and firefighting system, Acoustical Design, and Vertical transportation. In the structural field, the columns proposal was done to fulfill the architectural post modification, then make a structural model in computer software to obtain some results to perform Equilibrium, Compatibility, and Stress-strain checks. After completing what was designed as mentioned above, an estimate was made for the total cost of the project by calculating the costs of materials and the labor force in it, and a high-accuracy estimate of what would be spent in order to complete this entire project.