Structural Design of Iktaba Comprehensive activity center

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Raya Tammam
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Iktaba comprehensive activity center ,which is located in Iktaba village –Tulkarm . The aim of the establishment of this building is to solve the problem of the village need for such a center to providing services for citizens represented in holding training courses, and seminars ,and gymnastics for youth. This project, which is currently under construction, consists of a ground floor, and top two floors, with a total area of 734.3 m2. The ground floor consists of a hall, kitchen and bathrooms with an area of 232.5 m2. In addition ,The first floor has a kitchen, bathrooms, halls, offices and gymnasium , the area of the floor is 232.5 m2, and the second floor also has a kitchen, bathrooms halls and offices with an area of 238 m2. Structural models will be analyzed and designed by using computer software(SAP2000), and the results will be checked by hand calculations. In addition, AutoCAD will be used in drawing sections and details . The structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318-14 ,for seismic design UBC 97 will be used.