SDN-Addressless IPv6 model for securing web servers.

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Saba’a Imad Hussein
Hala Thafer Malhas
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The Internet is affecting and driving the world we live in. All the services used nowadays are becoming more Internet-dependant. Which makes the security of Internet-driven services a crucial part. Many studies focused on securing publicly available servers either by improving its availability and hard- ening its security. Addressless servers[1] is an example for such studies. This is done by generating a new address for the server’s for each connection, which hides the acctual server’s identifier and makes it difficult to attack. However, addressless solutions require repeated connections by the client which introduces an increased overhead. This study proposes ”SDN-addressless model for IPv6” to overcome those limitations. This is done by employing Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and HTTP redirection to alleviate network overhead. The proposed method focuses on establishing a streamlined, addressless model utilizing SDN principles for dynamic routing decisions and incorporating HTTP redirection to optimize communication between clients and servers. In this model, the need for predefined static IP for each server is eliminated, and addresses are dynamically allocated based on SDN-controlled decisions. SDN provides centralized control over network configurations, making it possible for an intelligent load- based routing choices that enhance resource utilization, while achieving its main target of providing secure server operation and minimizing latency.