Graduation Project (II) Redesign of Jenin health care center (L-4)

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Hussain, Ahmad
Owaidat, Obaida
Ibrahim, Mahmoud
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According to the bad economical and health situation in Palestine, which is represented by the lack of resources and strictness of land use; taking into account the rapid increase in population, hence the increment of the patients and beneficiaries, especially low-income people. Moreover, based on that the health centers affiliating with the ministry of health provides its health services for many people with semi-free cost, Jenin Health Center was taken to be evaluated considering all aspects, to provide the human comfort the most optimum and economical design. The main objective of this project was to evaluate and redesign the current existing building in Jenin city. During the first phase, full analysis was done and to provide reports of the current state from all design aspects, then, searching for codes and specifications related to health centers, and how relevant they are to the actual execution and design were done. The second phase was the redesign of the building which include correcting the mistakes -if found- and also, to improve the positives wise of the environmental, structural and architectural aspects of the building and finally, to maintain the public safety. At first, for environmental aspects, this project discussed multiple sides of human comfort aspects. Second, architectural design started with studying the architectural codes of the Health center to see how the building matches the codes specification. Third, Structural analysis software was used to analyze and redesign the structure of the project. Finally, HVAC systems, water supply, drainage system and fire system was included under the mechanical design aspects. In conclusion, the project redesigned the healthcare center of Jenin City to be an integrated building considering all aspects depending on the general and special specifications.