Tank-filling lorry

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Abu Sarah, Ethar
Al Bzoor, Baidaa
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One of the most common problems facing people is the sudden interruption of water. People need to monitor their water level so as not to be surprised by the interruption, especially in residential areas that are not supplied with water every day. To solve this problem, we will design an automated system that exempts people from monitoring the water levels. The system is mainly composed of an automatic car that is supplied with the water level in the tanks using RF module, based on the provided information, it provides the empty tanks or tanks where the water level is less than a certain amount of water without the need of the tank owner in the place. We can use this mechanism to feed buildings and farms with water in a simple way. The car will track the water level in the tanks, then it will follow a specific path to reach the desired tank and those tanks will supply the sub tanks with water.