Quantity Survey & Cost Estimate Of Al-Qusra School

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Saleem Nehad Taqatqah
Zayd Omar Nassar
Zayd Zafer Anabtawi
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At these times projects construction sector is gaining more importance in the Palestinian economy duo to the large scale projects provided by the government. So, the need for project management is urgent to minimize the time and cost for these type of projects. In addition it provides more jobs opportunity's for the society. Project management is used to reduce, organize, and control the resources involved in a project to achieve project goals. But it's hard to get to the best minimum price and lowest time and best quality at the same time for any kind of project. So, this (GP) will walk on this track of management to try balancing between the cost, time, and quality (Scope Triangle), we will focus on the evaluation and assessment of building projects and calculations of direct costs material costs, labor costs, and estimate profit. Also the Indirect costs include supplies, utilities, office equipment rental, desktop computers and cell phones, lots of software can be used to determine the quantities of projects, we will use Revit software as a quantity calculation and cost estimate, also as a 3D building drawing, for scheduling and project time we will use primavera software. In this graduation project (GP) we will study and estimate the costs and quantities of the Al Qusra School that has a 2129 total square meters area and 3 floors high. The building has been constructed, we will compare the total cost of this project with our calculations to see if the construction management will effect on the total cost at the end of the project. Our goal is to minimize the cost of the project and have the best possible quality of the materials.