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Daraghmeh, Isra
Assi, Mohammad
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The significance of this project is to provide an educational program for school students that aims to help students capitalize on their learning moments by giving them immediate access to knowledge when their curiosity and educational needs are at their peak. Most students have difficulty studying and following up on appropriate educational resources.To achieve this, we have designed an educational program called the Educational Portal that allows the student to study at any time, from anywhere and from any device and supports many basic features, the most important of which is blended learning Combining e-learning with training, such as language training where training is provided using videos, documentation, tests and shared files, teachers ,,can also create online exams and tests to reduce the workload of teachers, Class attendance can be obtained online easily You can determine if the student is present, late, absent, excused absent and Increase communication between students and teachers through our messaging system. What distinguishes our project is dealing with students with special needs to facilitate the educational process for them, so that features such as audio to read the question and other things are added. There will be 3 types of accounts, which are as follows, Student Account, Parents Account and Teachers Account. All data related to these accounts will be stored in the server and will be used later. The project is already there, but the goal of this project is not to create a new program, but to create an educational program with better features that the student can handle smoothly.