Analysis and Redesign for Major Intersections in Nablus City

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Roba Awais
Hadeel Rabee'
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Nablus city suffers from many problems at intersections, including traffic congestion and traffic accidents, so these intersections need to be considered and studied. The purpose of the project is to study the current situation of major intersections in Nablus city, identify problems, and propose proper solutions. The study includes geometric, traffic, and pavement conditions of these intersections. The methodology includes collecting geometric, traffic, and pavement conditions data from field studies and other previous studies. The study intersections were be identified through the field visit and in coordination with Nablus Municipality. Data were be analyzed using international (AASHTO and MUTCD) as well as local criteria as appropriate. After that, the research will determine the problems of the intersections, search about solutions for these problems, and make appropriate recommendations in the form of maps, design of the geometry, and traffic solutions. The expected outcomes from this project are design maps including traffic, geometry and pavement. These will be expected to solve the identified problems on the intersections, so Municipality of Nablus will take them into consideration.