A comprehensive design of a Municipality building in Nablus

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Nazeeh Nasrallah, Ahmad
Zarour, Shadi
Hassan, Ibrahim
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This project represent a design of municipality building in an integrated and modern way. The reasons a municipality project in Nablus city became an suitable in term of site and ability of handling big capacity of worker in the building to active this design, a sit of aspect should be covered such as architectural aspect, structural aspect , safety ,in addition to the environmental aspect . The main objective of this project to provide a comfortable and suitable design that meet the needs of workers and citizens. In terms of methodology, this research was implemented within three stages, the first part is doing literature review which represented in literature review and case study about municipality design such as standard areas and arrangement of spaces. The second part is the integrated processes of the main engineering systems: architectural design including dividing the areas to suitable functions with suitable dimensions for each function, taking into consideration the site conditions, in order to achieve a comfortable atmosphere in the building; it has been designed by using AutoCAD, Revit and 3D MAX software programs. Structural design included choosing the structural system that was used, the design had been processed in details for all structural elements according to ACI code and UBC code, and it has been processed by ETABS, SAP 2000 software programs. After that environmental system was designed in order to provide a comfortable atmosphere; it covered natural lighting, thermal, and acoustics; and it has been manufactured by using the design builder and ECOTECT software programs. Then electro-mechanical systems was designed by using DIALUX EVO software program and the water supply, drainage systems had been accomplished. After that, quantity surveying calculations was conducted in order to estimate the preliminary cost of the project.