Re-design of Khamees Hotel in Nablus

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Lubbadeh, Dua’
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Hotels are a place where people pay to spend luxurious time, a place desired to guarantee all facilities of complete comfort to leave the guest feeling well loved with wow factor activation. The conditions of competition between hotels depend on the ability of the hotel to provide the best services and facilities. The attractiveness of any hotel is basically related to its design, the better designed hotel, the more customers, which will benefit the hotel’s owner and the country. Hotel’s services and facilities can be measured using stars approach, each number of stars refers to specific level, and so the design helps. Hotels can be categorized according to client’s purposes of accommodation, for example: if the hotel is a place where the customer visit to relax and spend a good time, or a place used when visiting a new place. Recently, hotel’s investment in Palestine started considering a special attention. Since the world is much open to Palestine than before, capital owners can seize the opportunity to give the chance to try many international services in local areas. For foreigners, a wonderful chance is given to them by spending comfortably a special time in a place which reflects the culture and respects them. Hotels are also open to those who seeks a temporary accommodation. This research is about a 5 stars hotel based in Nablus-Tunis street, it’s not completely finished, as the external structure and finishes are, however the interior finishes is still under processing. It contains 2-bedroom floors with 900m2 for each, restaurant with terrace in two floors with a total of 2100m2. It also contains a spa and hall in addition to floors for car parking purposes. The main goal is to give a scale of how this building is designed comparing with specific standards for this type of buildings. Starting from studying architectural plans, to design a suitable structural system to transfer imagination into reality. Then, analyze and check the surrounding, to show if building location can benefit the use of natural sources, if not, mechanical systems should be designed. Also, this research turning around essential systems to occupy the building like electro-mechanical systems. In each stage, sustainability should be taken into consideration. The first part of this research is about the literature review to come with the enhanced result of it. The second part specialized in the modifications needed after finishing the designing process.