Cost and Time Management of the Nablus City Mall

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Ghalib Al-Sheikh
Mahmoud Awad
Osama Kolayb
Sa’ed Turkman
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The project includes quantities survey, cost and time management for (Nablus City mall) located in Nablus Sufiyan street near city this part of the project complete part one which is consists analysis and design for gravity loads. This structure is under construction and it consists of a total of fourteen floors (four basements, ground floor and nine floors with total area of 35555.5 m2. The fourth basement and the floors from seventh to ninth are garages and the remaining floors are offices and shops. The structure is divided into three blocks by seismic joints. Revit computer software will be used in calculating quantities and primavera professional in scheduling time and cost estimate. At the end of the project we expected to: 1- Give a detailed information about quantities take off for all calculated works in this project. 2- Determine the optimal duration for the project after connect all activities to each other. 3- Estimate the total budgeted cost and price in planning phase.