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Wala’a Nafa’a
Sara Odeh
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Our app is designed to enhance the user experience by making parking easier and more efficient to find and book. When a user logs in for the first time, they must register by entering their email, password, and personal information such as their name and phone number. Subsequently, they can easily log in using the same email and password. Once logged in, the app displays a map showing the user's current location and the closest available parking spaces for reservation. Users can reserve parking through the app and get a 20% discount on the original price by clicking the reservation button. Upon arriving at the reserved parking lot, users receive an automatic alert on their phones as they enter the designated parking area. If the user does not confirm the reservation within one minute of arriving, the application performs the process automatically to secure the reservation. After completing the check-in process, 80% of the remaining price will be deducted, requiring the user to pay the full amount for the parking. The goal of this app is to save time and effort for users by simplifying the process of finding and reserving parking, while also offering various parking options. It aims to improve the parking experience in busy urban areas, making it more convenient. The app also provides accurate and continuously updated information about parking availability, helping users plan their trips and reduce the time spent searching for parking. This app represents an innovative solution that contributes to alleviating the burden on users and enhancing the efficiency of parking management in cities, promoting the concept of smart cities that rely on technology to improve quality of life.