Redesign The Directorate of Education in "Hiwarra" –Southern Nablus

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Eid, Taher
Sha'er, Akram
Khasati, Husny
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The educational section is considered as one of the most vital sections in our Palestinian society; so, we should take it into consideration and to give the employees their rights which include having a suitable environment, so the idea of this graduation project was to redesign the building Directorate of Education - Hiwarra. In this project, the researchers will talk about the Directorate of Education in "Hiwarra" – southern Nablus with four stores. The area of each floors is 650 m2. The building will be redesigned and consider the necessary alternations as proposed in project one. And the constructional side was implemented. To do so, AutoCAD and Revit programs were used for the architectural redesign and for preparing the required plans. Then, Design builder, Ecotect and Insul programs were used for redesigning the needed environmental and the acoustical aspects. Then, Etabs 2016 program was used for the structural redesign considering the seismic design. Then, Dialux Evo program was used to design and to distribute the artificial lighting units, then, sockets and electrical keys were redistributed based on the distribution of lighting units. Then, a suitable HVAC system was used for heating and cooling the building and also, the distribution and the movement of hot, cold and waste water was fully redesigned. Then, safety considerations were explained with adding firefighting and emergency exits signs and equipment where needed. Finally, BOQ for redesigning the building was made to calculate the total cost of the project.