Automated Car Wash with Parking System

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Ibrahim Ashour
Bahaa Abbas
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The Automated Car Wash with Parking System project represents an evolution from conventional car wash approaches. While these approaches are time and effort-wasting, this project provides time savings, increases productivity, and eliminates the effort since it is done automatically. The car wash process involves multiple stages, beginning with the automated opening of the gate using a servo motor. Water and soap are then pumped automatically to clean the car, followed by brushing and concluding with a drying phase. The integrated car parking option comes with a mobile application that allows the admin to efficiently manage customer parking needs. The mobile app displays the current status of parking slots, features a timer for parked cars, and sends notifications to the admin for various purposes. In conclusion, this project offers a modern approach to car cleaning with an integrated parking solution, addressing the inefficiencies of traditional methods and providing a seamless and convenient experience for both users and administrators