Design a wood shavings packaging machine

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Asmair, Saleh
Al-Shouli, Saleh
Jendasi, Mohamad
Dmaidi, Abdullah
Al-Karaki, Salah
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There are many industrial machines that make wood shavings in the local market . But the problem with these machines is that a worker is needed to collect the wood shavings manually to fill it in unitized bags , these bags are then distributed to the customers . All these tasks are conducted manually. The solution of this problem is by designing an automatic machine that can automatically collect and package the wood shavings in unitized bags of 5kg The aim of this project is to design a wood shavings packaging machine in which wood shavings resulting from a wood shavings machine are to be directed and collected for filling in unitized plastic pages having unit weight of 5 kg then the full pages are to be sealing a prober sealing mechanism , the sealed pages then to be moved to next workstation . The wood shavings machine includes : wood shavings collection mechanism , wood shavings filling mechanism , weighting mechanism , sealing mechanism and proper material transport system . Feasibility study has been conducted , it is found that the machine is feasible to be produced and operated in the local market and it is cost reduction approach .This machine will alleviate the cost and save time and make the process more safe.