Assessment of Sports Hall & Students Affairs In Arab American University

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Aya Nayef Sulaiman
Batool Mubaslat
May Sawaftah
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Since construction contracts are becoming larger and more complex, managing these contracts become a core element of the success of any project There is no doubt that the construction sector in Palestine represents the corner stone for development in the Palestinian economy (PCU, 2003a). It activates many other sectors such as the construction supporting industries and the construction materials trading. Also, it absorbs a huge functional and labor staff and has an important role in attracting invest The Arab American University needs sports court that have been set up gym closed with international specifications. This project is a huge one that was implemented with many obstacles and problems. These problems lead to delays in the implementation or the rise in costs Construction, it was necessary to work timetable of the project schedule and calculate the cost of all the work in the project and follow-up Cash flows on the duration of the project. This project is about the Assessment of SPORTS HALL & STUDENTS AFFAIRS in the Arab American University, this assessment will include: • Studying the construction documents of the project, • Prepare a work breakdown structure for the project, • Estimate the time schedule for the project using Primavera, • Conduct systematic quantity survey for the project, • Estimate the detailed cost for the project, • Compare the estimated time and cost with the actual time and cost and estimate the variance • Analyze the causes of variance. The main goal of the report is to ensure the implementation of the project on time and taking into account the specific costs Quality stipulated in the bid requirements and specifications.