Enterprise Resource Planning For Maslamani Company

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Ishtayeh, Reem
Salhab, Aseel
Malamani, Ala'a
Maher, Eba'a
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This document includes a description of the ERP project, how it developed and what is the tool used to develop it. The EPR project aims to increase Maslamani performance and add value to their process, by establishing a system to integrate all operations in the sales departments, stores, accounting, and operations management within the Al-Maslamani Roastery Company. Then the flow of operations is rearranged in an orderly, easy and fast manner, and in turn activates quality control and feedback. Mechanisms and develops the sales department from manual to electronic by establishing and the design of a computerized and programmed system that fits all internal and external operations. Develops the daily work mechanisms within all departments, which increases the company’s productivity and performance effectiveness, and thus increases monthly and annual profitability.