Design of Automatic Hinge-Bending Machine

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Ma’moun, Ata-Allah
Mohammed, Abdel Karim
Mohammed, hessian
Baha, Khaldi
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Industrial safety is a priority in all engineering practices. Unfortunately, this significant term is not considered curiously in the local market. One of the industrial applications is the manufacturing of hinges. Hinges are currently fabricated in the local market using primitive ways that are dangerous on their manufacturers. For the purpose of overcoming these unsafe conditions, a fully-automated machine that produces hinges will be designed; which is the main objective of this project. The machine is expected to perform the following three main functions: i) Feeding, ii) Forming (Bending), and iii) Assembly. The estimated fabrication cost of the proposed machine will also be considered. This project is considered as a good practical exercise in mechanical engineering field; as it enhances the project’s team abilities to understand the concepts of design of an automatic electromechanical system; also, it promotes their self-confidence by being able to provide solutions to real needs for local industry.