Operations Improvement at Orastel Company

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Abu Aisheh, Majd
Istaitieh, Thuraya
Asmah, Dina
Kousa, Esra’a
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Orastel is a local company specialized in furniture industry, which produces three main products: chairs, bedrooms and kitchens. It involves three main production sections: Carpentry, upholstery and painting. As known in each company there are many problems whether in manufacturing or management affairs, in this project problems were identified and analyzed in order to recommend suggested improvements. The main problem in the company was the lack of documentation and unsuitable arrangement of machines. The project objectives were to assess the current situation of the manufacture, monitor the production operations that increases work efficiency, improve the flow of materials that leads to higher production volume by reducing required production time and develop the current layout by rearranging the machines according to the flow of materials. Work procedures were documented for each department in addition to their related forms, an organization structure was built in order to define responsibilities and authorities, an orders management plan was created in order to follow up the order from the beginning until it is delivered to the customer. As a conclusion, in this project improvement plans were conducted through dedicated procedures and forms to support these procedures and increase the company’s effecincy. These improvements need to be implemendted in order to achieve the company’s goals.