Hydrological Assessment and Hydraulic Design of Culverts along Noor – Shams Camp Street

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Mohammed ''M. Muin'' Ba'ara
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Urbanization has some severe flood events and flood sequences in Tulkarem city which is one of the Palestinian cities which witness frequent floods where followed by severe consequences. In this graduation project, the focus will be on studying the frequent flood problem of the eastern entrance of Tulkarem. The road section from Noor Shams camp to Kitaba Square will be studied. The methodology that will be applied is to estimate peak flow rates of different cross culverts of Wadi Al-Zimar. The culverts will be hydraulically evaluated and redesign. HEC-HMS software will be utilized for peak flow estimate, whereas HY8 will be used for hydraulic design of culverts. In addition, GIS will be used for spatial manipulation of data. The results obtained will be of high value for Tulkarem municipality to properly solve the frequent flood problem in this area