Take Care

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Abu Arrh, Tawfiq
Hanani, Ibrahem
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All houses nowadays contain a pile of medicines stored either in refrigerators or first aid cabinets. Some of these medicines might be still valid and others are expired. Patients have to distinguish their medicines from others, which could be a tough task for old people. Usually, medicines should be taken at specific times during day for a certain period, which might be difficult to remember. In addition, doctors normally ask patients to take their medicines either before or after meals. In this project, we are planning to build a mobile app acting as a medicine manager and tracker system for Arabic users. When user opens the app to look up a new medicine along with its information, the camera is opened to capture a snapshot of the medicine cover and the OCR technology is used to search for corresponding medicine from a database. The app also reminds patients to take medicine on time. In case of medication delays, the system reschedules the medicine-taking process to adapt the new state
Android, OCR, API, Scheduler