Restaurant Design

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jaber, Osaid
omar, amer
ayash, fadel
salahat, bilal
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With the general trend towards restaurants nowadays, restaurants have spread significantly and became a common idea that excites many, so, the competition has been common for setting up premium restaurants. Thus, the project was chosen to be a restaurant, and the main idea of this project is to be integrated geometrically and environmentally and achieve the environmental requirements. in the sense, that it is a modern restaurant and takes into account the various environmental elements that ensure the comfort of the customer and employees as well as the optimal exploitation of natural resources such as lighting, heat and water. The designed restaurant is Fine Dining type in Beit Wazan area in Nablus city, near An-Najah National University to the north, the total site area is 5583 m2, and the restaurant has an area of 1210 square meters divided into two floors and Basement. One of the basic rules that the project took into account is the real information related to the design in terms of the heat of the general atmosphere of the region as well as the study of the field of acoustics related to the restaurant using modern engineering programs and reliable. In this project, the architectural, structural, electromechanical and environmental aspects was dealt with using some of engineering programs like AutoCAD , Design Builder, insole , ecotect , Revit, and DIALuxevo