Soft Starter For Three Phase Induction Motor

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Khatib, Lama
Omran, Dina
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This project is soft starter for three phase induction motor, with the invention of adjustable speed drives and several other types of motor starters, three-phase motors have become favorable drives for variable speed applications. As these motors are important in load driving, it is also important to ensure their safety and protection against starting inrush currents, overloads, single phasing, overheating and other faulty conditions. Our project will provide a soft and smooth start to a 3-phase induction motor. The three-phase induction motor during the initial starting condition draws up much higher current than its capacity and the motor instantly reaches the full speed. This results in a mechanical jerk and high electrical stress on the windings of the motor. Sometimes the windings may get burnt. The induction motor should start smoothly and gradually catch up the speed for a safer operation. Soft starters are widely used in factories so we can benefit from it economically if it is sold after we finish our project.