Medical Center

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Hamdallah, Baraa
Daraghmeh, Raneen
Mosa, Roa
Samara, Tamar
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In a world full of developments, technology and various modern means, and after decades of scrambling in the field of scientific discoveries, and research infinite, we find that human health has become the sole concern of most governments, as it represents the health of the key factor in the progress of peoples and development areas and increase production. The medical centers and clinics are pillar of any country around the world and as we see its heavy deployment in countries that deal with constant evolution and concerned with the comfort and safety of citizens. So, our project is a medical center in Tilft village , we found that this city really need it due to the growing of population and the lack of such important medical service in it. Medical centers are structural buildings that provides a range of medical services including: consultations, treatment, diagnosis, minor surgery and health education Medical center is the most important building that must be available in the cities, so that people can take the necessary health care and live comfortably. In Palestine, because it is suffering from occupation, the number of health centers must be sufficient to meet the needs of the population, provide health care and accommodate the largest possible number of patients and injuries.