Landside Design of Al-Auja International Airport

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Sabreen Nedal Shehada
Mohammed Jaber Nazzal
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This project analyzes the demand and introduces the design for the landside facilities of a Palestinian International Airport in Al-Auja, Jericho. At the beginning a brief background about the location is presented and the necessity of an international airport in Palestine is discussed. Data obtained from official agencies in Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the occupation State of Israel are presented. Firstly, these data are analyzed to forecast air demand in Palestine for 2050 which compose of passengers from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Muslim and Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy land, and tourists. Secondly, the peak hour passenger’s volume is converted to peak hour vehicle volume based on other airport experience. Then, number of employees, long- and short-term parking spaces and required number of public transportation vehicles are calculated with applied practice from other airports. After analyzing the demand of Al-Auja International Airport, the design of each component of the landside facilities is performed using Civil 3D software. That include the redesigning of Highway No.90, designing the Airport roadway, cargo road, parking road, circulation road and the ramps at the interchange. At the beginning the configuration of the airport facilities are determined. This is followed by establishing the horizontal and vertical alignment and the dimension of their cross sections all according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Finally, the thicknesses of the pavement layers are stated for each highway and the signing and marking for the highways are installed. The implementation of Al-Auja International Airport will be at 3 phases starting in 2027 and finishing in 2050. The analysis of the airport demand shows that the total number of passengers for 2050 is 20,240,881 passengers and 4,262 employees per shift working at the airport. On the other hand, the number of vehicles heading to the airport is 2,388 vehicles per hour and 2,323 vehicles per hour are leaving the airport. While, for the public transportations there is 404 airport taxis, 23 buses (50 passengers) and 14 buses (>26 passengers), and the total number of parking spaces at the airport is 2,396 parking spaces, which include 258 short-term parking spaces, 1,156 long-term parking spaces, 711 parking spaces for employees, 243 parking spaces for airport taxis and 28 parking spaces for airport buses. However, the linkage between the airport and highway system in Palestine will be through a Trumpet interchange with 2 outer connections that has two lanes with a speed of 70 Km/hr, a loop that has two lanes with 50 Km/hr, and a semidirect ramps that has two lanes and 70 Km/hr. The final cost of the landside facilities of Al-Auja International Airport which includes the construction of the highways, interchange, parking areas, bridge, cut and fill, and signing and marking is 50,543,212 dollars.