Feasibility study for a pvc production line at Nablus company for Nylon and plastic

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Sader, Saed
Haj Mohammad, Baraah
Abdulla, Haya
Amer, Taha
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Our problem is represented in the possibility of establishing a new production lines in Nablus Company for the manufacture of nylon and plastic, which focused on the production of the agricultural nylon industry, so these lines will open a greater opportunity for them to develop their production and support their ability to compete in the market In this project we will conduct feasibility studies for a new production line for manufacturing of plastic pipes . Our feasibility studies aims to study project feasibility before exhausting the time, effort and money invested in it. The expected services, their advantages and the target markets are examined also the study of the level of supply and demand of the project and the ability to compete with other projects in terms of design, price and location. And it includes Potential challenges for the project, and the chance of its success. The work in the feasibility studies includes some aspects consists of market study, technical study and economical/financial analysis. There is no doubt that the PVC pipe industry has become an important industry at present. The industry has achieved great success in a few years due to the widespread use in many purposes of pipe drinking, irrigation, drainage and other useful uses. Moreover, it has become a world-class product. Demand is constantly increasing due to the need for some areas to change sewage networks due to obsolescence or connect pipes to irrigate some new areas and the same for printed plastic that is required by the market so the importance of our project appears in the ability of this feasibility studies in helping the company in making right decisions about the new production lines by Clarifying whether the planned project is feasible in all respects and within the estimated amounts, as well as determining whether the project is profitable in the future especially in the presence of strong competitors in the northern areas .