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Abd Al-Aziz, Walaa
Abu Baker, Zaina
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M&M’s Color Sorter develops a proof of concept for color sorting by using candies. Given a random assortment of M&M’s candies, consisting of up to 6 different colors, the device will be able to sort them by color in a reasonable time and with a good accuracy using TCS3200 sensor to detect the color of the product and the Arduino board to control the overall process. Color sorting is the main goal in the project and to add a real benefit of this idea to a particular category; this project will be for children from the age of three, there is an activity added to the project so that the child can learn colors and their spelling like a game by asking him to enter pattern of cards consisting of letters and making the right spelling for this color to get the same color candy. Thus, we achieve two goals: color sorting and the child can learn colors and their spelling. This idea can be used in many fields, industries and a teaching goal in a catalytic manner.