Design For The English School

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Daraghmeh., Ahmad
Shurrab, Mohammad
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Schools contribute to the greater part of the educational process and raise awareness among people, Therefore the project comes to provide comfort in the building, including superb ventilation, lighting, heating. This is achieved through good guidance for the school, which is the most important part of the construction and in the process of saving energy. The main objective of the project is to design a school building through covering the architectural, structural, environmental, mechanical and sound systems. Also, solving energy problems in the building by using solar cells panels. pioneer school is located in Bait Iba were chosen as a case study to benefit in the design of the new building by follow the international standards in the construction of schools and try to allocate the room functions correctly. This project is implemented using a number of computer programs such as AutoCAD, Revit for architectural aspects, Etabs for structural aspects, Design builder, Ecotect, DIAlux and Insul for environmental aspects. The results will be presented in the form of a report in addition to charts, plans and tables.