Clinic Baby

dc.contributor.advisorAladdin Masri
dc.contributor.advisorEmad Maher Natsheh
dc.contributor.authorAmna Msalam
dc.contributor.authorRehan Alashqar
dc.description.abstractClinic Baby is an intelligent care system for new baby. Our aim is to help the mother in the care of her child, and to facilitate an easily communication with the healthcare clinic. There is only so much information that a mother can keep in her head at one time, so this app has been designed to help her track important information for her baby to ensure nothing is forgotten and every moment is cherished. Hence, this app makes it easy to log all aspects of your newborns care, including bath times, immunizations, height, weight, doctor visits and more. Moreover smart tool will be added to help the mother in diagnosis her baby from common health problems. We will develop this application in order to work on mobile devices so we will use a mobile development language and for the web application part we will use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS for developing front-end and PHP, MySQL database for back-end of the web application.en
dc.description.abstract    . .   . . .   HTML5 PHP MySQL .ar
dc.titleClinic Babyen
dc.titleClinic Babyar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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