Toward Zero Energy Building

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Abu Zahra, Jafar
Halabi, Qaysar
zohair, Mohannad
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In the last decades, the world was moved towards saving the consumed energy in order to conserve the natural resources and to avoid the harmful impact of these resources on the surrounding environment. In addition to minimize the economical requirements that are associated with the high energy consumption. Therefore, reducing the largest amount of the consumed energy has played a vital role in the global development in the recent years. To achieve the highest benefits that are associated in energy saving sector and to adapt the most recent developments in the world, we proposed a “zero energy building” as an optimal solution. Zero energy building is a building capable to generate/cover the needed energy demands at lowest – cost and harmful emissions towards the environment. Besides, using locally available and renewable energy resources. This project presents a zero energy residential building in Nablus, Palestine. The building is consisting of three floors and divided into six apartments, in addition to the basement, where the total area of the building is 1960 m2. However, to reduce the consumed energy by the building, it was designed to be thermally insulated, have solar windows with shading system, in addition to use solar chimney. To determine total energy consumption in the building, Design-Builder Software was used to complete the simulation process. Meanwhile, the annual total energy consumption of the building is 67818 kWh, while photovoltaic (PV) system is proposed to cover the load demand.