Quantity survey and cost estimate for Kafr Ni'ma basic school

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Adnan I Jardaneh
Amr W Zuhud
Momen S Salameh
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This project includes a review of the project management for the construction projects, Project management is important because it ensures what is being delivered, is right, and will deliver real value taking into consideration the project constrains. This project includes quantities survey, cost and time management for Kafr Ni'ma basis school located in Kafr Nima that, It is located in the village of Kafr, Ni'ma near Ramallah, It consists of three-story with high 3.6 m for each story with a total area of 1703.4 m2 , ground floor with area 550.82m2 and first and second floor with 576.29m2 for each one, also, include two stairs case with area 64.9m2 . More than one approach will be used in the work like computers software’s. By using Primavera p6 software for time management and cost estimates, then use Revit software to estimate quantities and build up the modal. At the end of the project it is expected to get the results that contain details information about quantities of the school, and its planned duration in order to estimate the total price and also to make comparison between some of the estimated quantities and the consultant quantities listed in the BOQ