Evaluation of the Water Distribution System for the NW Pressure Zone in Nablus City

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Saleh, Hisham
Abu Hani, Belal
Kababji, Bilal
Alkateeb, Ahmad
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Water is one of the most important elements for all human beings on Earth, and it may be a political issue especially in Palestine with Israeli military because of the limited resources, so as engineers it is a majority to manage and evaluate these resources in order to exploit the water and have minimum loss in our networks. In this project, the northern western pressure zone in Nablus city is selected. (Al-Jabal Al-Shamali and the region of Al-Ma’ajeen). The selection of this area comes from the huge urban expansion in Al-Ma’ajeen and the high loss of the distributed water (almost 30%) in the existing network. This study area is divided into three subzones, NW0, NW1 and NW2. After a visit to the water department in Nablus municipality, the engineers pointed out some problems as the high water losses and the water pressure problems due to the topographic challenges in this zone and the high operational cost to pump water to this zone from the existing reservoirs. Methodology starts by collecting data and information from the area of study, including the total demand, present population, contour map and existing network plan. By using the suitable computer software programs such as WaterCAD and GIS, this data will be used to analyze and evaluate network to meet the required objectives. The final products from this project are evaluation of the existing network and its ability to run the present and future demands, determination water gap in the upcoming 15 years and the alternatives to solve this gap. Moreover, in this project we will describe the distribution of consumption fields ( Domestic, commercial , …etc.) in NW zones .