The interruption of financial support and its impact on construction sector and infrastructure in Palestine

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Basil Amjad Aydi
Oday Esam Kahla
Mahmoud Waleed Dwikat
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The construction sector in Palestine faced a remarkable decline in the previous period This decline is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the fact that Palestine is one of the developing countries that relies mainly in many large construction projects and infrastructure on financial assistance provided by donor countries. During the period 2017-2022, some donor countries cut or reduced aid for Palestine. This study examines some of the indicators that were impacted during this time and calculates the level of their influence. These indicators were generated from a number of earlier studies that addressed different aspects of this issue, and some of the indications came from interviews with engineers and other experts in the sector. A questionnaire was created as part of the work procedure and sent to engineering firms and general contracting firms. There were two primary sections to the questionnaire. General inquiries about the respondent are in the first section. The second and most crucial section addressed the indicators and categorized them using the Likert scale. Following the dissemination of the questionnaire, a statistical analysis of the information gathered from the questionnaire was conducted. The accuracy and reliability of the responses gathered were confirmed. The second section of the questionnaire, which dealt with indicators grouped into seven primary axes, was the subject of the statistical analysis (workers, project time, financial problems, contractor, project, public service problems, equipment and materials). The analysis's findings were listed as being not affected, median affected, high affected, and very high. The workers' axis was the most impacted, with a very high-rate impact. The equipment axis had the lowest rate, on median. The indicators used in the research were high impacted by the entire analysis.