family wallet

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Helo, Reham
Mousa, Isra
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Money is something that encases our whole lives. We all know this, yet many of us fall into the traps of debt and overspending without even knowing or acknowledging it .and because of that managing that money became a necessity in our everyday were determined to develop an application that specialize in family budget management. Family Wallet is an application developed for family members. The application aims to manage the family budget by keeping a track of their incomes and outcomes. The application provide a lot of useful features like inserting outcomes in suitable categories like food, clothes, bills and so on, the insertion can be done manually or automatically, either by scanning bills or directly access the user credit card messages, in addition to that it can provide the user with analysis like graphs and reports that can be generated as weekly, monthly or even yearly data. It is also powered by a notification system to give precise alerts and reminders. In addition to that, there is a guider system which keeps track of the user spending trends and send a daily advice. Not only that but it can offer creating financial goals for things user think of purchasing in future like buying a car or going on a vacation, also it provides Loan plans specialized for seasons like Ramadan and Eids. Investing time in getting tools for money managing became very important, and hopefully Family Wallet would ease the process of that by giving useful features to its users with the hope of upgrading it to the next level in the future.