On Demand Virtual Circuit-Network for QoS using SDN

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Albzour, Yaffa
Kazamel, Khadijah
Shamasnh, Dana
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Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach to the deployment of future network infrastructures. This new networking paradigm separates the network control plane from the packet forwarding plane, it also provides applications with an abstracted centralized view of the distributed network state. A logically centralized controller that has a global network view is responsible for all the control decisions and it communicates with the network-wide distributed forwarding elements via standardized interfaces. In this paper we design and implement a custom routing approach in an SDN environment. We implemented a module in Floodlight controller with OpenFlow support. On top of OpenFlow, we propose an optimization framework for dynamic Traffic Engineering routing which fulfills the required end-to-end QoS by dynamically optimizing the routes between physical hosts for SDN. This module interacts with another custom module that monitors the latency of the possible data paths between physical hosts for SDN. Latency depends on the bandwidth of a link and the number of packets passe through that link, it is the more appropriator measurement to provide less delay and high reliability. Using the information provided by monitoring module, routing module uses minimum latency path in inter-switch links to determine the best path between any given two points. Our simulation results show that the proposed architecture and the optimization framework on routing significantly improve the Quality of Service (QoS) of the traffic between pre-defined physical hosts in terms of delay. The results will be specialized to video streaming and multimedia traffic which has a very critical delay and reliability requirements.
Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow, Floodlight, switch OVSK and Mininet, Traffic Engineering (TE), Quality of Service (QoS), Network Management, Critical Traffic, Latency Management, Round-Trip Delay