Conservation of the Material Cultural Heritage in Al-Aqsa Mosque

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AL-Omary, Aya
Hamza, Sara
Mari, Mariana
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This project contributes to the progressive efforts in restoration and preservation (conservation) of the material Islamic heritage in Al-Aqsa mosque and Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem city. These two treasures of Islamic architecture and art show a historical continuity of a dominant Arab-Islamic presence and culture in Jerusalem for the last 15 centuries. In fact, these are historical and artistic wealth that stand up as exceptional monuments on a global scale as well. Therefore, the conservation of these monuments is essential. Each of these monuments contains various types of materials (metals & alloys, ceramics, glass, stones, masonry, pigments, wood, and cementitious agents, whether organic or inorganic). Different types of materials behave and perform separately under the same environmental conditions. Each type of these materials suffers from a specific problem due to different environmental conditions and the passage of time. In this project, all these problems were studied, understood and solutions developed through a set of practical experiences. An electrochemical experiment was started on the lead sample, which gave a very good result in removing rust from the sample, also a chemical experiment (oxidation reduction) was carried out on the lead and its results were better .Another two chemical experiments were conducted on the Marble samples, and their results were somewhat effective. The first experiment was with H2O2 acid and the other using citric acid.