Re-design of Nablus Municipality building

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Hamad, Ahmad
Turkman, Amr
Nathem, Mohammad
Jaber, Noor
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The integrated design of the buildings is important in order to achieve the comfort of the users of services buildings. Therefore, we will search and work on the Nablus municipality building located in the city center the building area about 4900 m^2 divided on basement and 4 floors, And the land area is about 2990 m^2. in order to evaluate and analyze the design of the current building to ensure that it meets international specifications and standards or not. This analysis includes various aspects, including: architectural, structural, electrical and environmental. The building was rehabilitated according to the required and implemented specifications and standards and in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the municipality, where the spaces and architectural functions were redistributed in order to obtain the highest quality use of the structures from the capacity to accommodate the numbers of employees and auditors in the different departments.