Smart Braille Display For Education

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Zamel, Aseel
Darawsheh, Roba
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Blind people suffer in many ways of their lives including education. There is a very common language for blind people which is known a braille language. The language used to teach them reading and it's also used to help them to deal with life. Nowadays, the language using paper so they deal with the words in static way. In recent years a new way has appeared and it’s the sound. It is s appears because the life is not always static. We take the education part of life to find a way to make it easy for them to deal with word away from papers. The problem of the sound is that each student need to have his headphone with him all the time or he will hear the sound in loud voice that bother the once around him. To this end, we will design a system which will allow teachers to send the questions by bluetooth to our device which will be in front of the student, and the device will show the question in braille language in dynamic way. After the student read the question he will answer it using our calculator that we will design and will suite them to use if the question is about math. . In addition, he could use the letters to answer the questions.