Hydraulic Modeling of the Water Supply Network in Yasid Village

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انس ظاهر
قصي حمدان
يحيى صالح
قصي ابو مراد
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Yasid suffers from many problems in the water network that feeds it. In addition to its inability to supply some users with water due to urban expansion and geographical problems. In addition to the high rate of Non-Revenue water and thus cause environmental and economic problems. The project estimates the number and density of the population in the village of Yasid until the planning horizon of 2053, and evaluates water consumption. Defines the area to be served and divides it into major watersheds according to the current situation using the topographic map and site visits. The methodology covered: -Information and data collection: this includes the nature of the project area, its climate, water resources, water consumption, statistical information, contour mapping, etc. -Preparing, applying and analyzing the questionnaire. It covers water practices among households in Yasid. -Evaluate the current water situation and design a water network identifying design standards and requirements. The analysis and design is to use the computer programs: GIS, WaterCAD, Geomolge. -The project includes a description of the current water situation in the village of Yasid. A water network will be designed to cover all areas of Yasid.