"La MAGIE ARZ" Network design for Al_Arz company

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Amer, Raghda
Bani Odeh, Raghad
Joudeh, Baha
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Al-Arz company is one of the most important Palestinian companies whose products are popular in the local and international markets. It has headquarters in Nablus and it has several distribution points in the northern and southern governorates. The company seeks to develop and improve its competitiveness. Its products are to be the first destination of the consumer by enhancing their market share, later reflected in increasing in profits. As one of the Palestinian products, Al_Arz products are facing stiff competition from other local and imported products in particular "Israeli products", which makes constant threats to all local products. While the company has a desire of establishment entrepreneurial projects aim to raising the name of Al_Arz and encourage consumers to buy their products. And make them in direct contact with the consumer. The goal of this project is to develop a model that helps to determine the number of distinctive selling points of Al_Arz company. The output of this model helps to add a new competitive advantage in distribution network so that the company has direct points of sale to the consumer with Al_Arz brand. First of all, we defined project problem , company's distribution network studied and analyzed. Secondly, various assumptions proposed and some constraints added. Thirdly, the relevant data collected based on the interviews and the questionnaires. Fourthly, the model is developed by introducing different objectives, parameters, and decision variables. Fifthly, excel software used to facilitate the decision support system. Lastly, analysis conducted to study the effects of model parameters on the generated results, and present the model validations. The sites selected based on the objectives of the model. The results determined the optimal location to build a distinctive point of sale of Al-Arz, which helps the company to increase the overall profitability. This will enhance the presence of the company in the local market and increase the confidence of the Palestinian consumer in local products . The project was treated as a Pioneering ,after selection of the site, we conducted feasibility study, choose the appropriate design and layout , later develop the plans that project need.